Disabled Accessibility Statement

Booking Options

  • If you have difficulties with our online booking page, please give our reception a call on 01732 822261 and our staff is trained to take your booking via the phone.


Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

  • There will be allocated car parking space for all our touring pitches and holiday homes. For camping, please advise our staff upon arrival to allow you enough space for your tent and car to go next to each other.
  • No car parking can be reserved.
  • If more than one car is arriving, this can be arranged through reception.
  • Assistance is not offered from vehicle to accommodation.
  • The roads on Thriftwood Holiday Park are tarmac with small gravel on top.
  • There are traffic speed bumps situated around the Park.


Main Entrance, Reception & Shop

  • On arrival, vehicles can be parked in the car park at the front of reception.
  • There is ramp access to the reception and shop.
  • The main door to reception/shop is a glass, double handle door. Both doors can be opened to allow more entrance space.
  • There is a coir-fibre mat at the entrance.
  • The reception area is very spacious suitable for wheel chairs to manoeuvre around.
  • There is a seating area in reception for people to wait.


Sam’s Bar&Lounge

  • Entrance to the bar has a double handle glass door suitable for wheel chair access.
  • The floor is equipped with carpet tiles across the entire Bar and non-slip vinyl tiles in the separate disabled toilet.
  • There is plenty of space between the tables to access the bar/pool table/toilet with a wheel chair.
  • All bar staff have first-aid certificates and are trained for emergencies and disabled support.


Toilet & Shower facilities

  • Our toilet block has wheel chair access.
  • At the toilet block there is a designated disabled toilet/shower area, keys are available upon arrival at the reception.
  • There are baby changing areas.


Laundry & Washup Area

  • The launderette has no steps and non-slip flooring.
  • There is a small step to the wash-up area, a ramp can be arranged at the reception.


Holiday Homes & Lodges

  • All our holiday homes have parking for one car outside the door side of the
  • Extra parking space can be arranged at reception.
  • Each unit will differ, but there is approximately 5 metres between the door side and the adjacent unit.
  • All decking to the holiday units have stairs. Special ramps can be arranged at reception.
  • All our units are connected to mains electric & sewage.
  • They all have a gas supply either from bottles or piped gas.
  • All our holiday lodges are double glazed & centrally heated.
  • Homes are double glazed & centrally heated units are thermostatically controlled.
  • We operate on a strictly no smoking basis in all holiday units.
  • For special disability access arrangement in the holiday lodges, please contact us on 01732 822261.


Touring and Camping

  • We have a selection of touring pitches which are grass or hard standing on a level gravel covering.
  • All our hard-standing pitches have an electric supply.
  • There are low energy lamps at low-heights situated across the entire park.
  • Maps of the park are handed out to everyone at check in, indicating pitching area, facilities and nearby attractions. This is also explained by reception.


Additional Information

  • Evacuation and emergency numbers are handed out on an information sheet to all our guests during check-in.
  • Fire & Gas safety instructions and emergency procedures are available across the entire park in information boards, or hang-outs.
  • All holiday makers should therefore have access to this information.
  • Staff is on call 24/7 and can be reached either at the reception, bar or via our main office line 01732 822261.
  • There is CCTV operating across the entire park 24/7.
  • Entrance barriers and bollards are in operation 24/7.
  • Emergency numbers can be found in our Thriftwood Brochure.